yarn price list.

**Yarns Price List subject to change without notice. Prices are in Canadian $$. The weight (ie. worsted, aran etc.) relate to the yarn gauge chart weight categories which have been updated to the new standard yarn weight system (see YarnStandards.com.)

Name Weight Type
Hayfield Baby Changes dk -
Jojoland Melody-
Punta Fuego-
2 ply jumper-
6 Karat Cat print-
6 Karat Cat Print-
Addi click case wallet short lace-
Admiral Cat Print-
Alb Zauber Extra-
Alpaca Lace Light-
Alpaca Sport Melange-
Angel Hair-
angel hair-
Aran weight wool green label-
ARAN weight wool green label-
Artfelt Pencil roving multi-
artfelt pencil roving multi-
Artfelt Roving multi-
Artfelt roving solid-
Artfelt Roving solid-
Artfelt Roving Solid-
Artfelt Shimmery scarf-
Artfelt Shimmery Scarf Kit-
Artfelt standard roving-
Artfelt standard roving -
artfelt standard roving multi-
Baby Alpaca Hand Paint-
Baby Alpaca SportChunky
Baby Alpaca Sport-
Baby Alpaca SportChunky5
Baby Alpaca sport-
Baby alpaca sport-
Baby alpaca sport Viva-
Berocco Seduce-
Berroco Plume FX-
Berroco Plume FX-1
Berroco Zen Colors-4 ribbon
Berroco Artisan-
Berroco Blackstone Tweed-
Berroco Blackstone Tweed-4
Berroco Blackstone Tweed Chunky-
Berroco Blackstone Tweed Chunky-5
Berroco Boboli-
Berroco Boboli Lace-
Berroco Boboli Quick-
Berroco BohoWorsted4 ribbon
Berroco Boho ColorsWorstedribbon
Berroco Bonsai-
Berroco Bonsai-discontinued co
Berroco Bonsai Colors-
Berroco Borealis-
Berroco Borealis-5
Berroco Campus-
Berroco Campus-5
Berroco Captiva-
Berroco Circus-
Berroco Cirrus-
Berroco Comfort Sock-
Berroco Comfort Sock-1
Berroco Comfort Socks-
Berroco Cuzco-
Berroco Cuzco-4
Berroco Elements-
Berroco Espresso-
Berroco Flicker-
Berroco Flicker-4
Berroco folio-
Berroco Folio-
Berroco Geode-
Berroco GlaceWorstedribbon
Berroco Glint-4
Berroco Icon- 4 ribbon
Berroco Idol-ribbon
Berroco Idol-4 ribbon
Berroco Inca Gold-
Berroco Inca Gold-4
Berroco Inca Tweed-
Berroco Jasper-
Berroco Jasper-4
Berroco Jewel FXMixingnovelty
Berroco Jewel FXMixing 4novelty
Berroco Jewel fx-
Berroco Karma-
Berroco Lacey-
Berroco Lago-
Berroco Lavishchunkynovelty
Berroco Lavish-
Berroco Lavish-5
Berroco Lazer FX-1
Berroco Link-
Berroco Linsey-
Berroco Linsey-4
Berroco Lodge-
Berroco LullabyAranribbon
Berroco Lullaby4ribbon
Berroco Lumina-
Berroco Lustra-
Berroco Lustra-4
Berroco Maya-
Berroco Metallic FX3 DKmetallic
Berroco Metallic FXDKmetallic
Berroco Millefiori-
Berroco Modern Cotton-
Berroco modern cotton-
berroco Modern cotton-
Berroco Naturlin-
Berroco Naturlin-3
Berroco Nebula-
Berroco Norah Gaughan book 3-
Berroco Origami-4
Berroco Peruvia-
Berroco Peruvia-4
Berroco Peruvia Quick-
Berroco Peruvia Quick-5
Berroco Plume FX-lash
Berroco Plume FX-1 lash
Berroco Plume FX color-lash
Berroco Plume FX metallic-lash
Berroco PlushBulky
Berroco Pure Merino Nuance-4
Berroco Quasar-
Berroco Remix-
Berroco Remix -
Berroco RunwayBulky5 novelty
Berroco RunwayBulkynovelty
Berroco Seduce-
Berroco Seduce-3
Berroco Seduce Color-
Berroco Seduce color-
Berroco Seduce Colors-
Berroco Sizzle4 Araneyelash
Berroco Sizzle BrightAraneyelash
Berroco Sizzle Bright-
Berroco Souffle-
Berroco Sox-
Berroco Sox-1
Berroco Suede 20174 Worstedribbon
Berroco Suede 2017Worstedribbon
Berroco Suede 2017-
Berroco Sundae-
Berroco Sundae-6
Berroco Touche-4 basic
Berroco Touche-basic
Berroco Touche-
Berroco Ultra Alpaca-
Berroco Ultra Alpaca-4
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine sock-
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine sock-1
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light-
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Tonal-
Berroco Ultra Silk-ribbon
Berroco Ultra Silk-4 ribbon
Berroco Vintage dk-
Berroco Vintage dk-3
Berroco Weekend-
Berroco Weekend-4
Berroco Zen Colors-
Bio Merinos-
Blue Face Leicester Aran-
Blue Faced Leicester 2/8-
Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky-
Blue Sky Alpacas worsted hand dyes-
Blue Sky Bulky-
Blue Sky Bulky-6
Blue Sky Knitters little helper hand cream-
Blue Sky Organic Cotton-4
Blue Sky Organic Cotton-
Blue Sky worsted hand dyes-
Blue Sky worsted hand dyes-4
Blue Sky worsted Hand Dyes-
Boboli Lace-
Boboli lace-
Bonus Aran with wool-
Brett Marble Chunky-
Briggs Little Country Roving-6
Briggs Little Country Roving-
Briggs Little country roving-
Brown sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky-
Brown Sheep Lambs Pride BulkyBulkybasic
Brown Sheep Lambs Pride bulky Superwash-
Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky Superwash-
Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky Superwash-5
Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted-
Bulky 6 strand 8 oz. cake White Buffalo style Prairie wool-
Butterfly Colour-
cap sleeve top kit-
Carolina-10 gifted to SO
CarolinaWorsted10 gifted to SO
Cascade 220Worstedbasic
Cascade Anthem Rondo-
Cascade FixationDKbasic
Cascade Fixation3 DKbasic
Cascade Nifty Cotton Splash-
Cascade Pima SilkAranbasic
Cascade Pima SilkAran4 basic
Cashmere Queen roving-
cashmere Queen Roving-
Cashmere Queen Roving-
Cashmere sock-
Cashmere Trend-
Cashmere zauber-
Cashmere Zauber-
celtic vest kit X large-
Cheval Blanc Babylux-
Cheval Blanc Babylux color-
Cheval Blanc Balade sock yarn-
Circular Solution Circular case-
Circulo Anne-
Classic Elite Fresco-
Classic Elite Fresco-2
Classic Elite Premiere-
Classic Elite Premiere-3
Classic Elite Sprout-
Classic Elite Sprout-5
Classic Elite Summer Sox-
Classic Elite Summer Sox-1
Clea4 ply
Clea1 4 ply
Cloud sock-
Cloud Sock-
Cobasi dk-
Coconut knit out bowl-
Colinette Cadenza-3
Colinette IsisPolar
Colinette Isis-
Colinette Isis-5
colinette Isis-
Colinette Zanziba-
Colinette Zanziba-5
Color Adventures 50/50 Fingering-
Colour Adventues Cashmere Sock-
Colour Adventures Dia Sock-
Colour Adventures Sweet Aran-
Colour Adventures - 50/50 Fingering (wool/silk)-
Colour Adventures - 50/50 Fingering (wool/silk) -
Colour Adventures - Dia light-
Colour Adventures - Dia Light-
Colour Adventures - Dia Merino-
Colour Adventures - Dia Merino Sock-
Colour Adventures - Dia Shawl-
Colour Adventures - Dia Sock-
Colour Adventures - Lace-
Colour Adventures - Merino Light-
Colour Adventures - Posh NSW Sock-
Colour Adventures - Single ply lace-
Colour Adventures - Single ply lace -
Colour Adventures - Sock-
Colour Adventures 50/50 Fingering-
Colour Adventures 50/50 fingering-
colour Adventures 50/50 fingering-
Colour Adventures 50/50 fingering (wool/silk)-
Colour Adventures 50/50 Fingering (wool/silk)-
Colour Adventures Cashmere delight-
Colour Adventures Cashmere sock-
Colour Adventures cashmere sock-
Colour Adventures Cashmere Sock-
Colour Adventures Cloud dk-
Colour Adventures Cloud Lace-
Colour Adventures Cloud sock-
Colour Adventures Cloud Sock-
Colour Adventures Dia Aran-
Colour Adventures Dia Big-
Colour Adventures Dia Bulky-
Colour Adventures Dia Fingering-
Colour Adventures Dia Light-
Colour Adventures Dia Merino dk-
Colour Adventures dia merino sock-
Colour Adventures Dia Shawl-
Colour Adventures Dia Sock-
Colour Adventures Dia Sport-
Colour Adventures Dia Twist dk-
Colour Adventures Exquisite Aran-
Colour Adventures Exquisite Sport-
Colour Adventures Girly Fun dk-
Colour Adventures Girly Fun Sock-
Colour Adventures Lace-
Colour Adventures Maya dk-
Colour Adventures Merino Light-
Colour Adventures Merino light-
Colour Adventures Posh Sock-
Colour Adventures Posh sock-
Colour Adventures Silky dk-
Colour Adventures Silky Dk-
Colour Adventures Silky Merino Light-
Colour Adventures Silky Merino light-
Colour Adventures Single ply lace-
Colour Adventures Sock-
Colour Adventures Sweet Aran-
Colour Adventures Sweet Merino dk-
Comfort worsted-
Concentric Cotton-
Confetti4 ply
Confetti1 4 ply
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Heavens Hand-
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Heavens Hand-4
Cotton ChenilleChunkybasic
Cotton ChenilleChunky4 basic
Cotton Classic-
Cotton Classic-3
Cotton Joy-
Cotton Joy-3
Crazy Cotton Starke 4-
Crazy Hanf-
Crochet Hooks-
Crystal Palace Little Flowers-
Crystal Palace WaikikiDK
Dalegarn SvaleDK
Dalegarn Svale-
Dalegarn Svale-3
Debbie Bliss Baby CashmerinoDK
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino-
Debbie Bliss Baby CashmerinoDK3
Debbie Bliss Baby CashmerinoDKdiscontinued co
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino -
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran-
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino AranAran
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino AranAran4
Debbie Bliss Cotton CashmereDK4
Debbie Bliss Glen-
Debbie Bliss Paloma-
Debbie Bliss Party Angel-
Debbie Bliss Pure Silkdk
Debbie Bliss Pure Silk-
Debbie Bliss Pure Silk-3
Debbie Bliss pure silk-
Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply-
Debbie Bliss Rialto dk-
Debbie Bliss Rialto dk-3
Debbie Bliss Riva-
Debbie Bliss Roma-
Debbie Bliss Roma Weave-
Debbie Macomber Petal Socks-
Debbie Macomber Petal Socks-1
Debby Bliss Baby Cashmerino-
Denim Sport Aran-
Denim Tweed dk-
Dia Fingering -
Dia Fingering-
Dia Light-
Dia Sock-
Dia sock-
Dia Sock cake-
Dia Sock cake-
Dia Sock cake, matching-
Dia Sock matching sock cakes (2)-
Dia Sock matching socks cakes (2)-
Diamond Angorissima-
Diamond Aria-
Diamond Baby Alpaca Glimmer-
Diamond Baby Alpaca Glimmer-5
Diamond Baby Alpaca Sport-
Diamond Folie-
Diamond La ScalaPolarribbon
Diamond Luxury Baby Alpaca sport Viva-
Diamond Luxury Cashmere Silk-
Diamond Luxury Merino Supreme-
Diamond Luxury Reggae-
Diamond Luxury Stellabella-
Diamond Luxury Tafi-
Diamond Magic Nights-
Diamond Marina-
Diamond Select Pure wool superwash-
Diamond Select Pure Wool Superwash worsted-
Diamond select Pure Wool Superwash worsted-
Diamond Yarn Circulo Clea-
Diamond Yarn luxury foot loose sock-
Diamond Yarns luxury foot loose sock-
Diamond yarns luxury Foot Loose sock-
Diamond yarns luxury Foot Loose sock-1
DK weight wool yellow label-
DK weight wool yellow label-3
dk weight wool yellow label-
Drops Kid Silk-
Drops Andes-
Drops Baby Merino-
drops Baby Merino-
Drops baby merino-
Drops Cloud-
Drops Eskimo-
Drops Kid Silk-
Drops Mandarin Soft Sweater-
Drops Merino Extra fine-
Drops Merino Extra Fine-
Drops Wish-
Drops wish-
Ecco Baby Camel-4
Ecco Cashmere-1
Edition 3-
Edition 6-
Ella Rae Classic-
Ella Rae Classic-4
Ella Rae Classic Heather-
Ella Rae Classic Print-
Ella Rae Lace Merino-
Ella Rae Lace Merino-1
Ella Rae Lace Merino sock solid-
Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted-
Ella Rae Mega-
Ella Rae Mega-6
Ella Rae Pansies-
Ella Rae Seasons-
Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Frappe-
Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Frappe-3
Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy-
Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy-3
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flamme-
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flamme-5
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool-
Elsebeth Lavold Silky WoolDK
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool-3
Elsebeth Lavold silky wool-
Estelle Sudz-
Estelle Worsted-
Faux Fur-
Felt House Booties kit-
Felted beret kit-
Felted bucket hat kit-
Felted tam kit-
Felted tote kit-
Fiddlesticks Country SilkLace to DK
Filatura di Crosa Bambi-
Filatura di Crosa Bambi-5
Filatura di Crosa Cashmere Seta-
Filatura di Crosa Hyrcus-
Filatura di Crosa Hyrcus-3
Filatura di Crosa LoveChunky
Filatura di Crosa Mama-4
Filatura di Crosa Mama-
Filatura di crosa mama-
Filatura di crosa Mama-
Filatura di Crosa Multicoloraran
Filatura di Crosa Multicolor-4
Filatura di crosa multicolor-
Filatura di Crosa Pixel4 ply
Filatura di Crosa Pixel-
Filatura di Crosa Pixel4 ply2
Filatura di Crosa Porto Cervo Printaran
Filatura di Crosa Porto Cervo Printaran4
Filatura di Crosa Portofino-
Filatura di Crosa Zara-
Filatura di Crosa Zara-3
Filatura di Crosa Zarina Baby Print-
Filtes King Australian Merino Color babyDK
Filtes King Australian Merino Color Baby-
Filtes King KellyWorsted4
Filtes King KeopePolar
Filtes King KimWorsted
Filtes King KimWorsted4
Filtes King KolibriPolar
Filtes King KolibriPolar6
Filtes King LameDK
Filtes King LameDK2
Filtes King OrsettoBulky
Filtes King OrsettoBulky5
Filtes King Sinflex TactelFine DK2
Filtes King Sinflex TactelFine DK
Filtes King Van DyckPolar5
Filtes King Van DyckPolar
Fine Merino SuperwashDKbasic
Fine Merino SuperwashDK
Fine Merino Superwash-
Fine Merino SuperwashDK3
Fine Merino superwash-
Fizz Stardustmixingeyelash
Fizz Stardustmixing4 eyelash
Flamenco Floating-
Fleece Artist Ana Bandana-
Fleece Artist Ana Bandana kit-
Fleece Artist ana Bandana kit-
Fleece Artist Baby Kid-
Fleece Artist blue face leicester 2/8-
Fleece Artist Blue face leicester 2/8-
Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester 2/8-
Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Aran-4
Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester 2/8 - 125g-
Fleece Artist Celtic vest large-
Fleece Artist Jane-
Fleece Artist Jane Kit-
Fleece Artist kid aran-
Fleece Artist Kiss Curls Triangle Shawl-
Fleece Artist Lady GodivaDK
Fleece Artist Lady of the Lake kit-
Fleece Artist Lu-
Fleece Artist Merino 2/6DK
Fleece Artist merino 2/6 sock-
Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 sock kitDK
Fleece Artist merino 2/6 with Angel Hair bundles-
Fleece Artist MinO Kit-
Fleece Artist Mo-
Fleece Artist Mo-5
Fleece Artist Moebius Capelet Kit-4
Fleece Artist Moebius Capelet Kit-
Fleece Artist Overburg-
Fleece Artist Perl Grey kit Elmira-
Fleece Artist Quick Knit Hat in cashmere-
Fleece Artist River-
Fleece Artist Sabine-
Fleece Artist Saldanha-
Fleece Artist Sea Baby kit-
Fleece Artist Seawool-
Fleece Artist Trail Socks-
Fleece Artist Wild and woolly-
Fleece Artist Wild and Woolly-6
Fleece Artist Wild and woolyPolar
Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3ply-
Fleece Artist/ HandmaidenLady Godivadk 100 gm skein
Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Great Big Sea-
Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Great Big Sea-4
Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Lady Godiva-4
Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Lady Godiva-
Fleece Artist/Handmaiden OPaca-4
Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Rumple - silk-4
Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Rumple - silk-
Foot Loose-
Foot Loose-1
four seasons cotton-
Four Seasons Cotton-
Frog Tree Llambrosia-
Frog Tree Pediboo-
Frog Tree Pediboo sport-
Frog Tree Pediboo Worsted Tonal-
Frog Tree Yarns Alpaca Chunky-
Frog Tree Yarns Baby Alpaca Sport-
Frog Tree Yarns Ewetopia, Hikoo Trenzado-
Frog Tree Yarns Ewetopia, Hikoo Trenzado -
Frog Tree Yarns Llambrosia-
Frog tree Yarns Llambrosia-
Frog Tree Yarns Pediboo sport Tonal-
Frog Tree Yarns Picoboo-
Furry Flats kit-
Garnstduio Drops Alpaca-
Garnstudio AlaskaAran100% wool, hand
Garnstudio Alaskaaran100% wool, hand
Garnstudio AlaskaAran
Garnstudio AlaskaAran4
Garnstudio Alpaca-
Garnstudio Alpakka Ull-
Garnstudio Baby Merino-
Garnstudio Baby Merino -
Garnstudio Big Fabel-1
Garnstudio Big Fabel-
Garnstudio Cotton ViscoseDK
Garnstudio Cotton Viscose dk-3
Garnstudio Cottonn Viscose-
Garnstudio Drops Alpaca-
Garnstudio Drops Alpaca-3
garnstudio drops Fabel-
Garnstudio drops Muskat-
Garnstudio Drops Safran-2
Garnstudio Fabel sock-
Garnstudio FruttiChunky5
Garnstudio IncaPolar
Garnstudio Lin-
Garnstudio Lin-4
Garnstudio Muskat-
Garnstudio MuskatDK
Garnstudio Muskat-4
Garnstudio SafranDK
Garnstudio Silke TweedDK
Garnstudio Silke TweedDK3
Garnstudio Vienna-5
Garnstudio VivaldiDK
Garnstudio Vivaldi-
Garnstudio Vivaldi-4
Gedifra BaroccoPolar6
Gedifra FioccoAran
Gedifra MexicanChunky5
Gedifra Spettacolo-6
Gedifra Spettacolo-
Gedifra Tabea-4
Gedifra Tabea-
Gedifra Videra-5
Gedifra Videra-
GGH mystikDK3
GGH mystikDK
GGH Tiffany ColourWorstedribbon
GGH Tiffany ColourWorsted4 ribbon
Girly Fun Sock-
Girly Fun sock-
Girly fun sock-
Gjestal Naturgarn-
Great Adirondack hand dyed sequins-4
Great Adirondack hand dyed sequins-
Great Adirondack Sierra -
Great Adirondack Sierra-4
Great Adirondack Sierra-
Great Adirondack Sirino-
Great Adirondack Sirino-1
Great Big Sea-
Great Big Sea-4
Great Big sea-
Grignasco Cashmere4 ply1
Grignasco Cashmere4 ply
Grundl Campanello-
handknit camel hats-
handmaiden Angel Hair-
Handmaiden Casbah sock kits-
Handmaiden cashmere 12 ply seconds (knot or 2)-
Handmaiden Cashmere 4 ply-4
Handmaiden Cashmere 4 ply seconds-
Handmaiden Lace Silk-
handmaiden Lady GodivaDK/ 100g skeins
Handmaiden Lady Godiva-4
Handmaiden Lady Godiva-
Handmaiden Lady GodivaDK/ 100gm
Handmaiden Lady Godivadk 100 gm skeins
Handmaiden Lady Godivadk 100 gm. skeins
Handmaiden Lady Godiva100 gm skeins
Handmaiden Lady Godiva100 g skeins
Handmaiden Mini Maiden-
Handmaiden Silk Maiden-
Harlow bag-
Hayfield Aran with Wool-
Hayfield Baby Blossom Dk-
Hayfield Baby Bonus 4 ply-
Hayfield Baby Bonus dk-
Hayfield Baby Changes dk-
Hayfield Blossom Chunky-
Hayfield Bonus Aran-
Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed-
Hikoo Abracadabra-
Hikoo Alpaca Lace Light-
Hikoo Alpaca lace light-
Hikoo Alpaca lace Light-
Hikoo alpaca Lace Light-
Hikoo Alpico-
Hikoo Bubbe Tea-
Hikoo Bubble Tea-
Hikoo Bubble tea-
Hikoo Caribou-
Hikoo Cobasi-
Hikoo Cobasi -
hikoo Cobasi-
Hikoo cobasi-
Hikoo Cobasi DK-
Hikoo Cobasi dk-
Hikoo cobasi dk-
Hikoo Cobasi dk tonal-
Hikoo Cobasi multi-
Hikoo Cobasi Multi-
Hikoo Cobasi Plus-
Hikoo Cobasi plus-
Hikoo cobasi plus-
Hikoo Cobasi Pus-
Hikoo Cobasi tonal-
hikoo Cobasi tonal-
Hikoo Cobasi Tonal-
Hikoo cobasi tonal-
Hikoo Concentric-
Hikoo Concentric Cotton-
Hikoo Drape-
hikoo Drape-
Hikoo Helix-
Hikoo Kenzie-
Hikoo Kenzington-
Hikoo Llamor-
Hikoo Madrona-
Hikoo Merino Lace Light-
Hikoo Oh!-
Hikoo oh!-
Hikoo Popcycle-
Hikoo Rub a Dub-
hikoo Rub A Dub-
Hikoo Rylie-
Hikoo Rylie Hand Paint-
Hikoo SimpliAir-
Hikoo Simplicity-
Hikoo Simplicity Marl-
Hikoo simplicity metallic-
Hikoo Simplicity metallic-
Hikoo Simplicity Multi-
Hikoo Simplicity Spot-
Hikoo Simplicity Spray-
Hikoo Simplicity spray-
Hikoo Simplicity Tonal-
hikoo Simplicity tonal-
Hikoo SimpliCria-
Hikoo Simplicria-
hikoo simplicria-
Hikoo Simplinatural-
Hikoo Simpliworsted-
Hikoo simpliworsted-
Hikoo Simpliworsted Marl-
Hikoo Simpliworsted Metallic-
Hikoo Simpliworsted Multi-
Hikoo Simpliworsted Spray-
Hikoo Simpliworsted spray-
Hikoo simpliworsted spray-
Hikoo Simpliworsted Tonal-
Hikoo Sock Puppets-
Hikoo Sueno-
Hikoo Sueno -
Hikoo sueno-
hikoo Sueno-
Hikoo Sueno Hand dyed-
Hikoo Sueno Limited Edition-
Hikoo Sueno limited edition hand dye-
Hikoo Sueno Mini kits -
Hikoo Sueno mini Kits, 10 25 skeins-
Hikoo Sueno Mini Kits, 10 25g skeins-
Hikoo Sueno Tonal-
Hikoo Sueno tonal-
Hikoo Sueno Tweed-
hikoo Sueno tweed-
Hikoo Sueno Worsted-
hikoo Sueno Worsted-
Hikoo Sueno Worsted Tonal-
Hikoo Sueno, formerly Frog Tree Pediboo-
Hikoo Super Quick Alpaca-
Hikoo Tee Cakes-
Hikoo Tiara-
Hikoo Timidity-4
Hikoo Timidity-
Hikoo Trenzado-
Hikoo Woodi-
Hikoo Woollie Bullie-
Hikoo woollie bullie-
Hikoo Woollie bullie-
hikoo zumie-
Hikoo Zumie-
Hikoo zumie-
In Silk Artfelt roving solid-
In Silk Roving-
In silk Roving-
In Silk roving-
Inca Tweed-
Inca tweed-
Jaeger CelesteChunky5 ribbon
Jaeger TrinityDK
James Brett Marble Chunky-
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight-
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson & Smith jumper wt.-
Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper-
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson & Smith jumper wt.-
Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper-
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson & Smith jumper wt.-
Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper-
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson & Smith jumper wt.-
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson & Smith Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jamieson and Smith jumper wt-
Jamieson and Smith jumper wt. -
Jamieson Smith 2 ply jumper-
Jamieson Smith jumper wt.-2
Jamieson's spinning Jumper 2ply4 ply
Jewell metallic-
JEwell metallic-
jewell metallic-
jewell Metallic-
Jewell Metallic-
Jojoland Crown-
Jojoland Melody-
Jojoland Melody-1
Juniper Moon Zooey-
Karabella Aurora 8aran4 basic
Karabella Aurora 8aranbasic
Karabella Lace Mohair4plyluxury
Karabella Marblearanluxury
Karabella Aurora 8-
Karabella Aurora 8aranbasic
Karabella Aurora 8 Melange-
Karabella Empire Silkaran
Karabella Glimmer-
Karabella Gossamerworstedluxury
Karabella Gossamer-
Karabella Gossamer-5
Karabella Lace Mohair4plyluxury
Karabella Lace Mohair-
Karabella Lace Mohair-1
Karabella Marblearanluxury
Karabella Margrite BulkyBulkyluxury
Karabella Margrite Bulky-
Karabella New Magic4 chunkyfancy
Karabella New Magicchunkyfancy
Karabella Soft Tweed-
Karabella Zodiac-
Karabella Zodiac-4
Katia Concept Silk Mohair-
Katia Concept velluto-
Katia Darling-
Katia Degrade-
Katia Degrade Sun-
Katia Degrade Sun-4
Katia Evita-
Katia FirenzeDK
Katia Firenze-
Katia Ingenua-
Katia Irish tweed-
Katia Irish Tweed-5
Katia Marilyn-
Katia Nepalpolar
Katia Ombre-
Katia Ondas-
Katia Ondas-ruffle scarf
Katia Park Avenue-
Katia Rizos-
Katia Rizos-ruffle scarf
Katia Rocio plus-
Katia Rocio Plus-
Katia Ronda-
Katia Triana-
Katia Triana Lux-
Katia Triana lux-
Katia Zenith-5
Katia Zenith-
Kauni Pre Yarn-
Kauni wool-1 taken for sam
Keji Cashmere-
Kid Seta Pearl-
King Cole Candy DKDK3
Kit needle bag-
Knitters Blocking Kit-
Knitting Fever Ripple-
Lace Ball 100-
Lady Godiva-
Lady of the Lake kit-
Laguna Bag-handbag
Laines Du Nord royal cashmere-4
Laines du Nord Royal Cashmere-
Lamb's Pride BulkyBulkybasic
Lambs Pride BulkyBulkybasic
Lambs Pride Bulky-
Lambs Pride Worsted-
Lana Gatto AtonChunky4 ribbon
Lana Gatto AtonChunkyribbon
Lana Gatto Cotton Joy-3
Lana Gatto Cotton Joy-
Lana Gatto CrystalPolar
Lana Gatto Cucciolo Stampata-4
Lana Gatto Cucciolo Stampata-
Lana Gatto FeelingDK
Lana Gatto Feeling-
Lana Gatto IsideDK
Lana Gatto Iside3 DK
Lana Gatto Mignon4 ply
Lana Gatto Mignon-
Lana Gatto Mignon-1
Lana Gatto Supersoft-
Lana Gatto VenerePolar6 ribbon
Lana Gatto VenerePolarribbon
Lana Gatto Wool GattoDK
Lana Gatto Wool Gatto-
Lana Gatto Wool Gatto-3
Lana Grossa Alta Moda Cashmere-
LAnaloft -
Lanaloft bulky-
LAnaloft bulky-
Lanas stop Koala-
Lanas Stop Mink-
Lanas Stop Seal-
Lang Lido-4 ribbon
Lang Lido-ribbon
Lang Opal ColourDK
Lang Opal ColourDK2
Lantern Moon - rice basket - mini-
Lantern Moon Knit Out Box-
Lantern Moon Palm Leaf Tote-
Lantern Moon rice basket - mini-
Lantern Moon Rice basket - small-
Lantern Moon Silk Needle Case-
Lash Ltd.-
Lazer FX-
Leather Phone Clutch-
Lily sugar and creamWorstedbasic
Litoral Sparkle-
London Tweed-4
Lothlorian child glove medium-
Lothlorian child glove small-
Lothlorian child mitten-
Lothlorian child mittens-
Lothlorian child sock-
Lothlorian Fingerless mitts-
Lothlorian Fingerless mitts -
Lothlorian glove-
Lothlorian hat-
Lothlorian Hat-
Lothlorian Hats-
Lothlorian sock-
Lotus Miya-
Louisa Harding Amitola-
Louisa Harding Anise-
Louisa Harding Azalea-
Louisa Harding Cinnabar-4
Louisa Harding Coquette-
Louisa Harding Coquette-4
Louisa Harding Flotsam-ribbon
Louisa Harding Flotsam-4 ribbon
Louisa Harding Grace Hand Beaded-
Louisa Harding Grace Hand dyed-
Louisa Harding Harding Willow tweed-
Louisa Harding Impressions-ribbon
Louisa Harding Impressions-
Louisa Harding Jasmine-3
Louisa Harding Kimono ribbon pure-4
Louisa Harding Kimono ribbon pure-
Louisa Harding Liberty Boucle-
Louisa Harding Liberty Boucle-5
Louisa Harding Luzia-
Louisa Harding Mariposa-
Louisa Harding Mariposa-4
Louisa Harding Mulberry silk-
Louisa Harding Mulberry silk-3
Louisa Harding Mulberry Silk-
Louisa Harding Nautical cotton-
Louisa Harding Nautical cotton-4
Louisa Harding Nerissa-
Louisa Harding Sari-
Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon-ribbon
Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon-
Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon-5
Louisa Harding Sari ribbon-
louisa harding thalia-
louisa harding Thalia-
Louisa Harding Willow Tweed-
Louisa Harding Willow tweed-3
Louisa Harding Willow tweed-
Louise Harding Anise-
Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders book-
Madil Eden Print-
Madison Cowl beading kit-
Maid Marian Vest Kitd-
Malabrigo Arroyo-
Malabrigo Caracol-
Malabrigo Merino worsted-
Malabrigo Merino Worsted-
Malabrigo merino worsted-
Malabrigo Rasta-
Malabrigo Rasta-6
Malabrigo Rios-
Malabrigo worsted-4
Malabrigo worsted-
Mandarin Petit-
Manos Artesanas Copitos-
Manos Artesanas Dancing Queen-
Manos del UruguayChunkybasic
Manos del UruguayChunky
Manos del Uruguay-
Manos del UruguayChunkybasic, 2 out fo
Manos del UruguayChunkybasic - getting
Manos Del Uruguayclasica5
Manos Del Uruguayclasica
Manos Del Uruguay-
manos del uruguay franca-
Manos del Uruguay Lace Space Dyed-
Manos del Uruguay with silk-
Manos Del Uruguay with silk dk striated-
Manos Del Uruguay with silk dk variegated-
Manos Del Uruguay with silk dk variegated-3
Manos del Uruguay wool classicaChunkybasic
Manos with silk-
Manos with silk blend-
Marble Chunky-
marble Chunky-
Marble chunky-
Marks Kattens Bomull-
Marks & Kattens Mohairchunky
Marks & Kattens Carolina-
Merino light-
merino light-
Mini Catch all kit-
Mirage-5 ribbon
Mirasol Chirapa-
Mirasol Chirapa-2
Mirasol Hachito-
Mirasol Lachiwa-4
Mirasol Lachiwa-
mirasol Miski-
Mirasol Miski-
Mirasol Miski-4
Mirasol Nuna-
Mirasol Nuna-3
Mirasol nuna-
mirasol Nuna-
Mirasol nUNA-
Mirasol Sampa-
Mirasol Sampa-3
Mirasol Sawya-4
Mirasol Sawya-
mirasol Sulka-
Mirasol Sulka-
Mirasol Sulka-5
Mirasol Tupa-
Mirasol Tupa-3
Mirasol Wachi-
Mirasol Wachi-4
Misti Alpaca hand dyed worsted-
Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky-
Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky-5
Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace-
Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock-
Misti Alpaca Tonos Hand Paint Chunky-
Misti Alpaca worsted-
Mondial Lady-
Monroe Bag-handbag
Muench Touch Me-
Muench Touch Me-4
Nashua Creative Focus ChunkyAran
Nashua Daylily-4
Nashua Daylily-
Natures Palette Merino fingering sock-
Natures Palette Merino fingering sock-1
Natures palette merino fingering sock-
Natures Palette merino fingering sock-
Natures Palette Organic worsted Columbia-4
Natures Palette Organic worsted Columbia-
Natures Palette Organic Worsted Columbia -
Needful PortofinoChunky
Needful Santa RosaPolar
Needful Yarns Joyaranmerino
Needful Yarns Joyaran4 merino
needful Yarns Kelly-
needful Yarns Kim-
Needful Yarns kim-
Nordic YarnDrops Eskimo
Noro AuroraChunky
Noro Aya-
Noro Ayatori-
Noro Bonbori-
Noro Bonbori-5
Noro Furin-
Noro Haniwa-
Noro Hitsuji-
Noro IroPolar5
Noro IroPolar
Noro Iropolar
Noro Iro-
Noro Karuta-
Noro Kibou-
Noro King-
Noro King-3
Noro Kirameki-
Noro Kirameki-1
Noro Kirara-
Noro KochoranChunky
Noro Kochoranchunky
Noro Kochoran-
Noro Kochoran-5
Noro kochoran-
noro Kogarashi-
Noro Koromo-
Noro Kureopatora-
Noro KureyonWorsted
Noro Kureyon-
Noro KureyonWorsted4
Noro Kureyon Sock-
Noro Kureyon Sock-1
Noro Matsuri-
Noro Matsuri-4
Noro Mossa-
Noro Nadeshiko-
Noro Nadeshiko-5
noro Niji-
Noro Nobori-
Noro Nobori-5
Noro Retro-
Noro Retro-4
Noro Sekku-
Noro Sekku-1
Noro Shiraito-
Noro silk Garden-
Noro Silk Garden-
Noro Silk GardenWorsted
Noro Silk GardenWorsted4
Noro silk garden-
noro Silk Garden-
Noro Silk garden-
Noro Silk Garden Lite-
Noro Silk Garden Lite-3
Noro Silk Garden lite-
Noro Silk Garden Lite Solo-
Noro silk garden sock-
Noro Silk Garden Sock-
Noro Silk Garden Sock-1
Noro Silk Garden sock-
Noro Silk Garden Sock Solo-
Noro Silk Garden Solo-
Noro Silk Garden worsted-
Noro Silk MountainWorsted5
Noro Silk MountainWorsted
Noro Silk Mountain-
Noro Silk mountain-
Noro Taiyo-
Noro Taiyo Lace-
Noro Taiyo Sock-
Noro Taiyo Sock Yarn-
Noro takeuma-
Noro Vintage-
Noro Vintage-4
Nova Painted Desert-
Nursing blanket kit-
OliviaMarble Chunky copy
On Line PuntaAran
Oops Blue Face Leicester dk/Mo bungles? bundles for throws/socks/mitts-6
Padraig Ladies Extra large slipper-
Padraig Ladies Medium Slipper-
Padraig Baby 3 slipper-
Padraig Baby 5 slipper-
Padraig Baby 7 Slipper-
Padraig Child 11 slipper-
Padraig Child 9 slipper-
Padraig Ladies Large Ceilidh-
Padraig Ladies Large Slipper-
Padraig Ladies Medium Ceilidh-
Padraig Ladies Small slipper-
Padraig Mens Large Slipper-
Padraig Mens Medium Slipper-
Padraig New Born Slipper-
Padraig youth 1 slipper-
Padraig Youth 3 slipper-
Papatya Batik-
Papatya Cake-
Papatya cake-
Patagonia Nature Cotton-
Patons classic woolWorstedbasic
Pediboo -
Pediboo Sport-
PEncil roving-
Pencil roving-
Perl Grey kit Jane-
Phil Thalassa-
Phil Thalassa-4
Phildar Preface4 ply
Phildar Preface4 ply1
Pocketbook kits-
Pot Scrubber YarnWorsted
Prairie wool-
Prima Donna-
Punta African Summer Marl-
Punta Flame Solid-
Punta flame solid-
Punta flame solid-6
Punta Fuego-
Punta Mericash Solid-
Punta Merisoft-
Punta Meritwist-
Punta Perfection solid-4
Punta South American hand paint cotton-
Punta South American space dyed cotton-
Punta South American Space dyed cotton-
Punta South space dyed American cotton -
Pure Donegal Tweed-
pure milk fiber-
Pure wool colour-
Pure Wool Superwash-
Pure Wool Superwash Heather-
Que circular needle bag-
Queensland Collection Uluru-
Queensland Rustic dk-3
Queensland Rustic dk-
Queensland Rustic Tweed-
Queensland Uluru-
Quick Knit Hat in cashmere-
Recovery yarn-
Recycled Paper knit out bowl-
Recycled Paper Studio Basket-
Recycled Paper Tote-
Recycled Plastic Tote-
Reggae Ombre-
Regia Ombre Stripe sock yarn-
Regia Ombre Stripe sock yarn4 ply
Rice baskets small-
Rico Bella-
Rico Bella-6
Rosarios Wool Factory lx-
Rowan 4 ply cotton4 ply
Rowan 4 ply soft4 ply
Rowan All Seasons CottonAran
Rowan All Seasons CottonAran4
Rowan All Seasons cottonAran
Rowan Alpaca Chunky-
Rowan Alpaca Colour-
Rowan Baby Alpaca dk-3
Rowan Baby Alpaca dk-
Rowan Big Wool-
Rowan Big WoolPolar
Rowan Big WoolPolar1 on hold
Rowan Big Wool-6
Rowan big wool-
Rowan Big Wool Silk-
Rowan Biggy printPolar6
Rowan Brushed Fleece-
Rowan Brushed Fleece pullover - Lune-
Rowan CalmerDK
Rowan Calmer-
Rowan CalmerDK3
Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply-
Rowan Cocoon-
Rowan Cocoon4
Rowan cocoon-
Rowan Colourscape-
Rowan Colourscape-5
Rowan Colourspun-
Rowan Cotton BraidBulky5
Rowan Cotton BraidBulky
Rowan Cotton GlaceDK
Rowan Cotton Glace-
Rowan Cotton Glace-3
Rowan cotton tapeChunkyribbon
Rowan DenimDK3
Rowan DenimDK
Rowan Denim-
Rowan denim-
Rowan Denim knit-
Rowan Denim Knit-
Rowan Drift-
Rowan Drift-6
rowan Drift-
Rowan Fazed Tweed Chunky-
Rowan Felted Tweed-
Rowan Felted Tweed-3
Rowan felted Tweed-
Rowan Fine Lace-
Rowan Fine lace-
Rowan Frost-
Rowan Handknit DKDK
Rowan Handknit DKDK4
Rowan Handknit dk-
Rowan handknit dk-
Rowan handknit dk cotton-
Rowan Kid ClassicAran
Rowan Kid Classic-
Rowan Kid ClassicAran4
Rowan Kid silk HazeLace
Rowan Kid silk Haze-
Rowan Kid silk Haze-1
Rowan Kid Silk HazeLace
Rowan Kid silk haze-
Rowan Kid Silk NightLace
Rowan Kidsilk Creation-
Rowan Kidsilk Creation Stripe-
Rowan Kidsilk haze Stripe-
Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe-
Rowan Kidsilk Spray-
Rowan Kidsilk Trio-
Rowan Lima-
Rowan Lima-4
Rowan Linen PrintBulky
Rowan Linen PrintBulky5
Rowan Lurex Shimmer4 ply
Rowan Panama-
Rowan Panama-2
Rowan Pure Linen-
Rowan Pure LInen-
Rowan Pure Wool Aran-
rowan pure wool dk-
rowan pure wool dk-3
Rowan Pure Wool Dk-
Rowan pure wool dk-
Rowan Pure wool Superwash dk-
Rowan Pure Wool Worsted-
Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Superwash-
Rowan Purelife Boucle-6
Rowan Purelife cotton-
Rowan Purelife Cotton-
Rowan Purelife Cotton-3
Rowan purelife cotton-
Rowan Purelife Wool Organic dk-
Rowan Purelife Wool Organic dk-3
Rowan Purelife wool organic dk-
Rowan Renew-
Rowan Renew-5
Rowan Revive-
Rowan Revive-3
Rowan Silkstones-
Rowan Silkystones-
Rowan Summer TweedChunky
Rowan Summer Tweed-
Rowan Summer TweedChunky5
Rowan Summerspun-
Rowan Thick N Thin-
Rowan Truesilk-
Rowan Tweed Aran-
Rowan wool cottonDK
Rowan wool cotton-
Rowan wool cottonDK3
Rowan wool cottonDK1 on hold
Rowan wool cottonDK2 on hold
Rozetti Flora-
Rozetti Marina-
Rozetti Marina-ruffle scarf
Rozetti Marina Glitz-
Rozetti Tundra-
Rozetti Tundra-ruffle scarf
Rustic with Wool Aran-
RYC Cashcotton dkDK
RYC Cashsoft dkDK
S. Charles Muse-
S. Charles Muse-4
S. Charles Ritratto-
S. Charles Venus-
SA Curlylocks-
Sand Dance skirt yellow label wool dk kit -
Sand Dance skirt yellow label wool dk kit-
Sandnes AlfaChunky
Sandnes AlfaChunky5
Sandnes Duo-
Sandnes FritidsgarnChunky
Sandnes Fritidsgarn-
Sandnes FritidsgarnChunky5
Sandnes Funny-
Sandnes FunnyDK
Sandnes Funny-4
Sandnes Funny ExtraChunky
Sandnes Funny LuxChunky
Sandnes Lanett4 ply
Sandnes Lanett-
Sandnes Lanett4 ply1
Sandnes Mandarin ClassicDK
Sandnes Mandarin Petit-
Sandnes Mandarin Petit4 ply
Sandnes Mandarin Petit-1
Sandnes Peer Gynt-
Sandnes Peer GyntDK
Sandnes Peer Gynt-3
Sandnes Silk Mohair-
Sandnes Smart-
Sandnes SmartDK
Sandnes SmartDK3
Sandnes TreskogarnDK
Sandnesgarn Silk Mohair-
Sandnesgarn Tynn Silk Mohair-
Santa ana-
Schachenmayr Brazilia FantasyWorsted
Schachenmayr Brazilia LungoChunky
Schachenmayr CataniaDK
Schachenmayr Crazy CottonDK
Schachenmayr La Nova4 Aran
Schachenmayr La NovaAran
Schaefer Anne-
Schaefer Miss Priss-4
Schaefer Miss Priss-
Scheepjes Pittsburgh PrintsWorsted
Schoeller Stahl Baby Micro-
Schoeller Stahl Big Ball Funny-
Schoeller Stahl Fortissima-
Schoeller Stahl Fortissima Best of Mexico-
Schoeller Stahl Fortissima socka-
Schoeller Stahl Fortissima Socka Color 100-
Schoeller Stahl Fortissima Socka w/ bamboo-
Schoeller Stahl KlassikDK
Schoeller Stahl Limbo-
Schoeller Stahl Novela-
Schoeller Stahl PortofinoChunky
Schoeller Stahl Tonia-
Schoppel Schoppel Pencil Roving
SchoppelEdition 6
Schoppel 6 carat cat print-
Schoppel 6 karat-
Schoppel 6 karat cat print-
Schoppel 6 Karat Cat Print-
Schoppel Admiral Cat Print-
Schoppel Admiral sock-
Schoppel Admiral Sock-
Schoppel Alb Lino-
Schoppel Alb Zauber Extra-
Schoppel Alpaca Queen-
Schoppel alpaca queen-
Schoppel Ambiente-2
Schoppel Ambiente-
Schoppel Art Felt kit -
Schoppel Art Felt Roving pencil multi-
Schoppel Art Felt Roving standard solid-
Schoppel Art felt standard roving-
Schoppel Artfelt -
Schoppel Artfelt-
Schoppel Artfelt Roving-
Schoppel Artfelt roving-
Schoppel Artfelt roving multi-
Schoppel Artfelt standard roving-
Schoppel Baby Alpaca Naturblassen-
Schoppel Big Dish-
Schoppel Big Disk-
Schoppel Bio Merinos-
Schoppel Boots-
Schoppel Cashmere Queen-
Schoppel Cashmere Queen Uni-4
Schoppel Cashmere Queen Uni-
Schoppel Cashmere Zauber-
Schoppel Cotton Ball-
Schoppel Cotton Crazy-
Schoppel Das Paar-
Schoppel Edition 3-
Schoppel edition 3-
schoppel Edition 3-
Schoppel Edition 6-
Schoppel El Linio-
Schoppel El Lnio-
Schoppel Gradient-
Schoppel In Silk-
Schoppel In silk-
Schoppel In Silk pencil roving-
Schoppel In Silk roving-
Schoppel In silk roving-
Schoppel In Silk Roving-
Schoppel In silk roving standard-
Schoppel Jeans Ball-
Schoppel lace ball-
Schoppel Lace Ball-
Schoppel Lace ball-
Schoppel lACE BALL-
Schoppel Lace Ball 100-
Schoppel Lace ball 100-
schoppel lace ball 100-
Schoppel Lace Flower-
Schoppel Leinen Los-discontinued an
Schoppel Leinen Los-
Schoppel Mohair Lady-
schoppel Mohair Lady-
Schoppel mohair lady-
Schoppel Oxford-
Schoppel Pencil Roving-
Schoppel Pencil roving-
Schoppel pencil roving-
Schoppel Pencil Roving multi-
Schoppel pencil roving multi-
Schoppel pencil Roving multi-
Schoppel pencil roving tweed-
Schoppel Pur-
Schoppel Reggae-
Schoppel Reggae Melange-
Schoppel Reggae o-
Schoppel Reggae Ombre-
Schoppel Reggae ombre-
Schoppel Reggae solid-
Schoppel Reggae Solid-
Schoppel Relikt-
Schoppel Roving multi-
Schoppel Single Disc Cat Print-
Schoppel Sockenklecks-
Schoppel Standard Roving-
Schoppel Standard roving-
Schoppel standard roving-
Schoppel Standard roving multi-
Schoppel Standard Roving multi-
Schoppel Standard Roving Multi-
Schoppel standard roving multi-
Schoppel standard roving solid-
Schoppel Standard Roving solid-
Schoppel Starke 6-
Schoppel Wool Finest-
Schoppel Wunderklecks-
Schoppel Wunderklecks Cat print-
Schoppel Wunderkleckse-
Schoppel Wunderkleckse Cat Print-
Schoppel XL-
Schoppel XL kleckse Cat Print-
Schoppel XL Kleckse cat print-
Schoppel Yarn Lace Ball-
Schoppel Yarn Reggae Melange-
Schoppel Zauber Flower-
Schoppel Zauber flower-
Schoppel Zauber Lace Ball-
Schoppel Zauber Perlen-
Schoppel Zauber perlen cotton-
Schoppel Zauberball-
Schoppel Zauberball 100-
Schoppel Zauberball cotton-
Schoppel Zauberball Cotton-
Schoppel Zauberball Cotton Crazy -
Schoppel Zauberball Crazy-
Schoppel Zauberball crazy-
Schoppel Zauberball Crazy Cotton-
Schoppel Zauberball Crazy sock-
Schoppel Zauberball Lace-
Schoppel Zauberball lace 100-
Schoppel Zauberball Lace 100-
Schoppel Zauberball Lace ball-
Schoppel zauberball sock-
Schoppel Zauberball Starke 6-
Schoppel Zauberwolle-
Schulana Feeling-
Schulana Lamb's wool-
Schulana AmalfiChunkyribbon
Schulana AmalfiChunky4 ribbon
Schulana Angora-
Schulana Angora Fashion-
Schulana Aria-
Schulana Babalonia-
Schulana Balico-
Schulana Basso-
Schulana Belle Epoque-
Schulana Belle Epoque-5
Schulana Cambada-
Schulana Cambada print-
Schulana Cambada Print-
Schulana cashmere moda-
Schulana Cashmere Moda-
Schulana Cashmere Queen Uni-
Schulana Cashmere Trend-
Schulana Cashmerino-4
Schulana Cashmerino-
Schulana Coala-
Schulana Colardino-
Schulana Cortina-6
Schulana Cortina-
Schulana Damasco-4
Schulana Donegal Tweed-
Schulana Ducan-
Schulana Fashion Silk-5
Schulana Fashion Silk-
Schulana Feeling-
Schulana Filolino-4
Schulana Filolino-
Schulana Grande-
Schulana Grandepolar
Schulana InsiemeChunky
Schulana Kid Pailettes-
Schulana Kid Paillettes-
Schulana Kid Paillettes -
Schulana kid paillettes-
Schulana Kid Seta-
Schulana kid seta-
Schulana Kid Seta Jubile-
Schulana Kid seta lux-
Schulana Kid Seta lux-
Schulana Kid Seta Nebia-
Schulana Kid Seta Pearl-
Schulana Kilino-
Schulana Lambs Wool-
Schulana Lambs wool-
Schulana Lambswool-
Schulana Luxair-
Schulana Luxair Print-
Schulana Macaibo-4 ribbon
Schulana Macaibo-
schulana macaibo-
Schulana merino cotton 135-3
Schulana Merino Cotton 135-
Schulana Merino cotton 135-
Schulana Merino cotton 90-
Schulana merino cotton 90-
Schulana Merino Cotton 90-4
Schulana Merino Cotton 90-
schulana Merino Cotton 90-
Schulana Merino Superlight-
Schulana Merino Superlight-5
Schulana Mersilca-
Schulana Milford-
Schulana milford-
Schulana Mosco-
Schulana Pacolana-
Schulana Pacolana-5
Schulana Pavone-
Schulana Pinturas-
Schulana Piumino-
Schulana piumino-
Schulana Rodeo-
Schulana Royalpaca-
Schulana Royalpace-
Schulana Sayonara-
Schulana sayonara print-
Schulana Sayonara Print-
Schulana Sebovia-
Schulana Seda Lux-
Schulana Seda Mar-
Schulana Seda mar-
Schulana Seta Bella-3
Schulana Sierra-
Schulana Silverstar-
Schulana Sojabama-
Schulana Sojabama-3
Schulana Sumerino-5
Schulana Sumerino-
Schulana Supercotton-
Schulana SupercottonChunky
Schulana Supercotton-5
Schulana Supercotton colour-
Schulana Taiga-6
Schulana Tweed Lux-
Schulana Tweed Lux-5
Schulana Tweed Luxchunky5
Sea Silk-
Shadow Metal-
Shadow perla-
Shawl Pin-
Shawl PinPaid D
Shetland Dkdk3 basic
Shetland Dkdkbasic
Shetland Dk/50gdkbasic
Shetland Lace 2ply4 ply
Shoppel Alpaca Queen-
Silk Garden Lite-
Silke Tweed-
Simplicity Spray-
simplicity tonal-
Simpliworsted spray-
Single Disc Cat Print-
Sirdar Baby Bamboo-
Sirdar Baby Crofter-
Sirdar Baby Crofter dk-
Sirdar Big Softie-
Sirdar Big Softie-6
Sirdar BiggaPolar
Sirdar Bigga SprayPolarfor sample
Sirdar Bigga SprayPolar
Sirdar Bohemia-
Sirdar Click chunky-5
Sirdar Click Chunky-
Sirdar Click dk-
Sirdar Click dk-3
sirdar confetti-
Sirdar ConfettiPolar
Sirdar Confetti-
Sirdar ConfettiPolar6
Sirdar Country Style dkDK
Sirdar Country Style dkDK/100g
Sirdar Country Style dkDK/50g
Sirdar Country Style dkDK/50G
Sirdar Country Style dk100g3
Sirdar Crofter Chunky-5
Sirdar Crofter Chunky-
Sirdar Crofter dk-3
Sirdar Crofter dk-
Sirdar Denim ChunkyChunky
Sirdar Denim ChunkyChunky5
Sirdar Denim chunky-
Sirdar Denim Sport Aran-
Sirdar Denim Tweed DKDK
Sirdar Denim Tweed Dk-
Sirdar denim UltraPolar
Sirdar DuneWorsted
Sirdar DuneWorsted4
Sirdar Eco Wool dk-3
Sirdar Eco Wool dk-
Sirdar Eco wool dk-
Sirdar Eco wooldk-
Sirdar Escape-
Sirdar Escape dk-
Sirdar Escape dk-3
Sirdar Faroe-
Sirdar filigreeWorsted
Sirdar Firefly Metallic-
Sirdar Fizz NewChunky
Sirdar Flirt-
Sirdar Flirt-3
Sirdar Flurry-
Sirdar Folksong-
sirdar Folksong-
Sirdar Foxy-
Sirdar Frenzy-
Sirdar FrescoDK
Sirdar Funky Fur MagicWorsted
Sirdar Juicy dk-
Sirdar Juicy dk-3
Sirdar Juniper-
Sirdar Persia-
Sirdar Persia-5
Sirdar Riodk
Sirdar Salsa-ruffle scarf
Sirdar Salsa-
Sirdar Smiley Stripes-3
Sirdar Smiley Stripes-
Sirdar Smiley stripes dk-
Sirdar Smiley Stripes dk-
Sirdar Snowflake ChunkyChunky
Sirdar Snowflake Chunky-
Sirdar snowflake chunky magicChunky5
Sirdar snowflake chunky magicChunky
Sirdar Snowflake DKDK
Sirdar snowflake dk magicDK
Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply4 ply
Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply-
Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply4 ply1
Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo-
Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo dk-
Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo dk-3
Sirdar Snuggly baby Crofter-
Sirdar Snuggly Crofter-
Sirdar Snuggly Crofter dk-
Sirdar Snuggly Crofter dk-3
Sirdar Snuggly dk-
Sirdar Snuggly dkDK
Sirdar Snuggly dkDK3
Sirdar Snuggly Fairisle DKDK
Sirdar Snuggly Fairisle DKDK3
Sirdar Snuggly Fairisle Dk-
Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake Chunky-
Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake DKDK
Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake dk-
Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots-
Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots-4
Sirdar Spellbound-
Sirdar spellbound-
Sirdar SpreeChunky
Sirdar Squiggle-
Sirdar Squiggle-6
Sirdar Summer Stripes-
Sirdar Summer Stripes-3
Sirdar Summer Stripes dk-
Sirdar Supersoft Aran-
Sirdar Supersoft toddler aranAran
Sirdar Supersoft toddler aranAran4
Sirdar Surfer-
Sirdar TuscanyPolar
Sirdar Tutti Frutti-
Sirdar Wild-
Sirdar Yo-Yo-
Sirdar Zanzibar-
Skacel Urban Silk-
Skacel Zauberball Schoeppel Starke 6 ply-3
Skacel Zauberball Schoeppel Starke 6 ply-
Skacel Zauberball Schoppel Starke 6 ply-
Skacel Adagio-
Skacel Alpaca Setadk
Skacel Alpaca Seta-
Skacel Alpaca Seta-2 out for sampl
Skacel CherioPolar5 ribbon
Skacel CherioPolarribbon
Skacel Divine-
Skacel Drama-fur
Skacel Filoufur
Skacel Filou-
Skacel Filou-5
Skacel Fuego-
Skacel FuegoChunky
Skacel Gentry-
Skacel Giardino-
Skacel Hikoo American Brand-
Skacel Hikoo Caribou-
Skacel Hikoo Cobasi-
Skacel Hikoo Cobasi Multi-
Skacel Hikoo Kenzie-
Skacel Hikoo Simpliworsted-
Skacel Hikoo Simpliworsted Marl-
Skacel Juliet-
Skacel Karat-
Skacel knittingZitron Traum Seide
Skacel KnittingHikoo Tiara
Skacel KnittingSchoppel Wunderklecks
Skacel Knitting zauberball 100-
Skacel Loft Color-5
Skacel Meditationchunky
Skacel Merino lace-
Skacel Merino Lace-
Skacel Merino LaceLace
Skacel Merino Lace multi-
Skacel No KiddingPolar
Skacel No Kidding-
Skacel Prisma-
Skacel Royalpaca-
Skacel Samoa-
Skacel Schoppel Pencil roving-
Skacel Schoppel Ambiente-
Skacel Schoppel Crazy Zauberball sock-
Skacel Schoppel Flying Saucer-
Skacel Schoppel Flying Saucers-
Skacel Schoppel Flying Saucers-1
skacel Schoppel Flying Saucers-
Skacel Schoppel Gradient-
Skacel Schoppel Lace Ball-
Skacel Schoppel Pencil Roving-
Skacel Schoppel Pencil Roving multi-
Skacel Schoppel Pur-
Skacel Schoppel Reggae Ombre-
Skacel Schoppel Standard roving-
Skacel Schoppel Standard Roving-
Skacel Schoppel standard roving multi-
Skacel Schoppel standard Roving solid-
Skacel Schoppel Standard Roving solid-
Skacel Schoppel Wolle Sockenkleck-
Skacel Schoppel Wolle sockenkleck-
Skacel Schoppel Wolle sockenkleck-1
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball-
Skacel Schoppel zauberball 6 ply-
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball Crazy-
skacel schoppel Zauberball Crazy-
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball Crazy sock-1
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball Crazy sock-
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball lace ball-
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball lace ball-1
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball sock-
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball Starke 6-
Skacel Schoppel Zauberball Starke 6 ply-
Skacel schoppel Zauberball Starke 6 ply-
Skacel Schoppel Zauberwolle-
Skacel Schulana Angora Fashion-
Skacel Schulana Angora Fashion Print-
Skacel Schulana Artissimo Lux-
Skacel Schulana Capo Nord-
Skacel Schulana Capo Nord-6
Skacel Schulana Cortina-
Skacel Schulana Cortina Nuvole-
Skacel Schulana Fashion Print-
Skacel Schulana Fil a Fil-
Skacel Schulana Kid Seta-
Skacel Schulana Kid Seta-1
Skacel Schulana Kid Seta Lux-
Skacel Schulana Kid Seta Melange-
Skacel Schulana Kid Seta Nebia-
Skacel Schulana Kid Seta Print-
Skacel Schulana macaibo-
Skacel Schulana Macaibo-
Skacel Schulana Merino cotton 135-
Skacel Schulana Merino Cotton 135-
Skacel Schulana Merino Cotton 90-
Skacel Schulana Merino Superlight-
Skacel Schulana Mosco-
Skacel Schulana Pinturas-5
Skacel Schulana Piumino-
Skacel Schulana royalpaca-
Skacel Schulana Seda Lux-3
Skacel Schulana Seda Lux-
Skacel Schulana Seda Mar-
Skacel Schulana Sierra-
Skacel Schulana Silverstar-
Skacel Schulana Sumerino Print-
Skacel Schulana Supercotton-
Skacel Schulana Superlight-
Skacel Schulana Superlight Merino-
Skacel Seda Mar-
Skacel standard roving multi-
Skacel Standard roving multi-
Skacel Standard roving solid-
Skacel Sumerino Print -
Skacel Trekking 6 ply-
Skacel Tropicana-
Skacel Urban Silk-
Skacel Urban silk-
Skacel Yarns Schulana merino cotton 135-
Skacel Zitron Bottone Tweed-5
Skacel Zitron Ecco-
Skacel Zitron Fil Royal-
Skacel Zitron Filigran hand dyed-
Skacel Zitron Filigran Verlauf-
Skacel Zitron Filisilk-
Skacel Zitron Lifestyle-
Skacel Zitron Patina-
Skacel Zitron Polo-
Skacel Zitron Trekking-1
Skacel Zitron Trekking-
Skacel zitron Trekking-
Skacel Zitron Trekking 6 ply-3
Skacel Zitron Trekking 6 ply tweed-
Skacel Zitron Trekking sock-
Skacel Zitron Unikat-
Skacel Zitron Unisono-
Slinky scarf-
Slubby Blue-
SMC Argentina-
SMC Dolce Vita-
SMC Frilly-
SmC frilly-
SMC Highland Alpaca-
Snowflake Chunky Magic-
Snuggly Baby Bamboo-
Snuggly dk-
Snuggly snowflake chunky-
Sock Blockers-
Soho Lariat Kit-
South West Trading InfinityLace1
South West Trading InfinityLace
SRK Collection SariChunkyribbon
Stacy Charles Luxor-5
Stacy Charles Micio-
Stacy Charles Ritratto-
Stacy Charles Ritratto-4
Stacy Charles Venus-
Stacy Charles Ziggy-5 ribbon
Stacy Charles Ziggy-ribbon
Standard roving multi-
Starmore Campion4 ply
Stimulus yarn-
Sublime Bamboo Pearls-
Sublime Cashmere Merino-
Sublime DK Baby Cotton Kapok-
Sublime DK Baby Cotton Kapok-3
Sublime DK baby Cotton kapok-
Sublime Egyptian Cotton-
Sublime Egyptian Cotton -
Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool dk-
Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool dk-3
Sublime Organic Cotton dk-
Sublime Organic Cotton Dk-
Sublime Organic Cotton Dk-3
Sublime Tussah Silk-
Sublime Tussah Silk-3
Sublime Tussah Silk dk-
Sublime Wooly Merino-5
Sublime Wooly Merino-
Sudz Cotton spray-
Sudz cotton spray-
Sudz Crafting cotton multi-
Sudz crafting cotton solids-
Sudz crafting cotton spray-
Sudz Crafting cotton spray-
Sudz crafting cotton tonal-
Sudz Crafting spray-
Sueno Tweed-
Sueno Worsted-
Sueno, formerly Frog Tree Pediboo-
Sunshine PrintWorsted
Suri Blue-
Sweet Aran-
Sweet Merino dk-
sweet merino dk-
Swiss Mountain Double Sea-
Swiss Mountain Maiden Hair-
Swiss Mountain silk & cashmere-
Swiss Mountain silk & cashmere-
Swiss Mountain Silk & Cashmere-
Swiss Mountain Silk & Cashmere-
Swiss Mountain silk & cashmere-
Swiss Mountain Silk & Cashmere-1
SWTC Bamboo-
SWTC Bamboo-4
SWTC Therapi-
SWTC Therapi-3
SWTC therapi-
SWTC Tofutsies sock -
SWTC Tofutsies sock -
SWTC Tofutsies sock-
SWTC Yang-
SWTC Yang-3
Tanis FiberArts yellow label-
Tanis green label aran weight-
Tanis yellow label dk weight-
TempoWorsted4 classic
Tiffany Colour-
Tofutsies Tee Kit-
Traum Seide-
Trekking 6 ply-
Trekking Hand Art-
Trekking Pro Natura-
Trekking Sport-
Trekking XXL-
Trendsetter AuraWorsted
Trendsetter AuraWorsted4
Trendsetter Dune-
Trendsetter Shadow Metal-
Tynn Silk Mohair-
Universal yarns Bamboo Bloom-
Universal Yarns Bamboo Bloom-
Universal Yarns Classic Shades-
Universal Yarns Four Seasons Cotton-
Universal Yarns Four Seasons Cotton Colours-
Universal Yarns Uptown Worsted-
Waste Yarn-
Wendy 5 ply GuernseyDK
Wendy Velvet TouchAran
Wisdom Tango-
Wisdom Yarns Poems Sock-
Wooden Shawl sticks-
Wool Pak 10 ply-
Wool pak 14 ply-
Wool Pak 14 ply-
Wool Pak 14ply-
Wool Pak 8 ply-
Woolly Nylon-
Zarina Baby Print-2
Zauberball 100-
Zauberball Cotton-
Zauberball cotton-
Zauberball Cotton Crazy-
zauberball crazy-
Zauberball Crazy-
ZauberBall Crazy-
zauberball Crazy-
Zauberball Lace-
Zauberball lace-
Zauberball Lace Ball-
Zauberball lace ball-
Zauberball lace ball 100-
Zauberball Starke 6-
Zealana Air-
Zealana Air Chunky-
Zealana Heron-
Zealana Kauri worsted-
Zealana Rimu dk-
Zitron Artfelt kit-
Zitron Blick fang-4
Zitron Blick Fang-
Zitron Bottone-
Zitron Bottone Tweed-
Zitron Cambioaranbasic
Zitron Drieklang-
Zitron EccoWorsted
Zitron Ecco-
Zitron Ecco-4
Zitron Ecco Aquarelle-4
Zitron Ecco Aquarelle-
Zitron ethnoChunky
Zitron Ethno-
Zitron Ethno-5
Zitron EvitaDK
Zitron EvitaDK4
Zitron Extra Klasse-
Zitron Extra klasse-
Zitron Farfalla-
Zitron Feinheit-
Zitron Fil Royal-
Zitron Fil Royal multi-
Zitron Filigran-
Zitron Filigran-1
Zitron Filigran -
Zitron Filigran hand dyed-
Zitron Filigran non repeating-
Zitron Filigran Verlauf-
zitron Filigran Verlauf-
Zitron Filisilk-
Zitron Filisilk-1
Zitron filisilk-
Zitron Finest Royal Alpaca-
Zitron Form & Farbe-
Zitron Form & Farbe-
Zitron Form & Farbe-
Zitron Forme & Farbe-
Zitron Fundus-5
Zitron Glanz Punkt-
Zitron Hand Art Tweed-
Zitron Hanf Natur-
Zitron IncantoAran
Zitron Islanda-
Zitron Kimono-
Zitron KokonDK
Zitron KokonDK3
Zitron Lifestyle-
Zitron Lifestyle-2
Zitron Lifestyle solid-
Zitron Loft-
Zitron Loft Classic-
Zitron Loft Color-
Zitron Loft colorchunky
Zitron Meisterstuck-
Zitron Nimbus-
Zitron Nimbus-5
Zitron Noblesse-
Zitron Opus-
Zitron Opus-4
Zitron Opus 1-
Zitron patina-
Zitron Patina-3
Zitron Patina-
zitron patina-
Zitron polo-
Zitron Polo-
Zitron PrismaChunky
Zitron Prisma-
Zitron Pro Natura-
Zitron Samoa-
Zitron Samoa-3
Zitron Samoa Color-
Zitron Samoa cotton-
Zitron Savanna-3
Zitron Savanna-
Zitron Traum Seide-
zitron Traum Seide-
Zitron Trekking-
zitron Trekking-
Zitron Trekking -
Zitron Trekking discontinued
Zitron trekking-
Zitron tRekking-
zitron trekking-
Zitron Trekking and Pro Natura sock undyed-
Zitron Trekking 6 ply-
zitron Trekking 6 ply-
Zitron Trekking 6 ply sock-
Zitron Trekking 6 ply tweed-
Zitron trekking 6ply-
Zitron Trekking color-
Zitron Trekking Hand Art-
Zitron Trekking hand art-
Zitron Trekking Hand Art Flame sock-
Zitron Trekking Hand Art Flame sockdiscontinued
Zitron Trekking Hand Art Flame sock-1
Zitron Trekking Hand art sock-
Zitron Trekking Hand Art sock-
Zitron Trekking Maxima-
Zitron Trekking Maxima sock-
Zitron Trekking Ombre-
Zitron Trekking Pro Natura-
Zitron Trekking pro natura-
Zitron Trekking Pro Natura sock-1
Zitron Trekking Pro Natura sock-
Zitron Trekking Pro Natura socksock
Zitron Trekking sock-
Zitron Trekking Sock-
Zitron Trekking Sport-
Zitron Trekking sport-
Zitron Trekking Sport -
zitron trekking sport-
zitron trekking sport frog-
Zitron Trekking tweed-
Zitron Trekking Tweed-
Zitron Trekking XXL-
Zitron Trekking xxl-
Zitron Trekking XXl-
Zitron Triologie-
Zitron Turmalin-
Zitron Turmalin-6
Zitron UnikatChunky
Zitron Unikat-
Zitron Unisono-2
Zitron Unisono-
Zitron Unisono -
zitron Unisono-
Zitron Unisono solid-
Zitron Wolkenspiel-
Zitron Yak-
Zitron yak-
Zitron Zeitlos-
ZitronTrekking Hand Art sock-
ZitronTrekking sock-