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Beginners and Beyond.  This is a choose your own project class, you can learn to knit socks, fair isle, intarsia, entrelac, lace, or whatever you like, in our classes, so get your name and deposit in now to hold your place, Max 6 students. 604-275-1239.  If you want to learn to Knit or Crochet, you can do that in this class.  Edita can also teach Building With Lace in these classes, see info at bottom of this page.  Please note that beginners get a ball of yarn and needles to practise with, and when you choose to make anything, you will get a 10% discount on all class purchases, students are expected to purchase their yarns at Wool & Wicker.  We have a wide range of weights, yarn content, and prices. 

Next Beyond Beginner Knitting and Crochet, Wednesday night class with Edita will start September 27 - November 1st, 2017, from 7-9PM $110 for 6 weeks,

next Friday morning class starts Friday, September 15 - October 20 2017, from 10-12. $110 for 6 weeks

and Saturday afternoon from September 16 - October 21, 2-4 PM.   $110 for 6 weeks

If you are interested, make sure to get on the wait list, as there is almost always something coming up that will prevent at least 1 student from making it, you know life happens when we are making other plans! 

Join Edita for help with that project you are dying to tackle but know you will need help! This is the class that you have been waiting for, because you can knit anything you want and the teacher will be able to guide you with whatever it is!  If you aren't sure what you want to make in class, come on in and see all our samples, which you can try on and see what the finished product looks and feels like.  Or, choose from our many patterns for just about anything!!   If you are wanting to learn to knit, you can also join this class, and Edita will teach you from scratch!  Beginners are lent needles and yarn to practise with, and if you wish to knit something once you have learned, you can choose something from our many patterns and yarns and away you go! 


Beyond Beginners Class  Sunday mornings 10-12 am has openings, dates as below,  if you want to drop in or make up classes.  Please call the store 604-275-1239 if you plan to come

Building Blocks Blankets Every 2nd Sunday  OF THE MONTH  12-2 starting September 18th, 2016, so Oct.16, Nov. 20, Jan. 15/17 Feb.19, Mar.19, Apr.9, May 7, June 11, Jul. 9, Aug. 13, Sept.10, Oct.15.  ONCE PER MONTH FOR 12 MONTHS!  Fee of $260 includes the book.  Maximum of 6 students, Minimum of 4.  Students receive 10% on all items purchased while in class.

Learn new skills by building a block by block afghan over the next year by taking this workshop with the help of Willina Collins.  Choose your yarns here, you may buy one ball per month or purchase them all at once if dyelot is a concern.  Suggested yarns are Hikoo Simpliworsted (recommended) as used in the book, Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Superwash, or Hikoo Simplicity, the latter 2 will result in a smaller blanket. 

Ravelry: Building Blocks pattern by Michelle Hunter


OR Building in Color book with 3 colours and 24 skeins of Hikoo Simplicity if you are a more experienced knitter who wishes to learn colorwork starting from October 16th/17 2-4PM, then Nov. 20, Jan. 15/17 Feb.19, Mar.19, Apr.9, May 7, June 11, Jul. 9, Aug. 13, Sept.10, Oct. 15.   

New Building With Lace Classes! Willina can also teach Building With Lace in these classes, see info at bottom of this page

Building with Lace is the third class project book from renowned knitter and teacher, Michelle Purl Hunter. It is a carefully designed sequence of patterns that introduce knitters to lace work starting with the basics and working towards more difficult patterns. This work follows the same format as Michelle’s earlier books, Building Blocks and Building in Color, and has been a long awaited addition to this educational series.


Sarah Garland's !/2 finished shawl in Rylie                                  Edita's 1/2 finished shawl in Nuna

We are offering this new class, Building with Lace coming up as early as September! It will run for 10 classes, and we have 3 teachers who would like to lead you through your gorgeous shawl. Edita Michalek can teach Sept 27, Wednesday nights, 7-9, Sept. 15, Friday mornings 10-12, or Sept. 16, Saturday afternoons, 2-4, for 10 weeks, every 2nd week to give you enough time to knit each section, Willina Collins can teach once a month, Sundays, from 12-2, starting October 15th after her current Building Blocks is finished.

Our new part timer Sarah Garland will start teaching classes as well, starting Tuesday or Thursday night Sept. 5th or 7th 7-9, 10 weeks, every other week. Let us know your choice of day, and we will need a deposit to hold your place in the class. The cost of the class will be $195 not including materials, Building with Lace book included. Class fees must be paid up front.   Your yarns (must be purchased here) and needles will, as always, be 10% off while a student. Min. 4 students, Max. 6.

Want to learn Tunisian Crochet from a self taught designer?  Jennifer LeCaine has left a sweater sample in the store to show you what you can make.  She can teach Sundays 3-5, or Tuesday nights, in a 4 week workshop to learn this crochet method which resembles knitting, to knit a garment for yourself or a gift in the 4 weeks.  We will have choice of garments posted before class, so you can have your yarn and tools ready to go.

Call now and make a deposit on a class of your choice.  You will love the results!  604-275-1239.