ghana baskets.

Met a lovely man from Ghana.  He is now living in Seattle, and looking after several other people from his homeland in a small apartment.  He is now married to an equally lovely lady from Africa, and they have a new baby boy.  I really want to give these folk a hand by buying the baskets he is importing.  If I get any pictures of his family, which he has been struggling to figure out how to send via email (I can't help him in this endeavour, since I am fairly challenged in that department as well), I will post them here.  My story about how I was charmed is short, bear with me please. 

Ghana baskets

Met him first at a craft fair in Birch Bay, where I was visiting with our children and grandchildren for the weekend.  Looking at the baskets he had there, I noticed a large flying insect that I had never seen before.  I go "whatever is this?" pointing to him sitting on a basket handle.  He says "Ohh!  that should not be here!"  and kind of gently moves the insect off the basket, and it flies away.  I exclaim "Oh no!  I wanted to show him to my 8 year old grandson, he would be able to tell us what it is!"  He then starts to look for him, saying "Don't worry!  I will find him for you!"  I can't tell him enough not to worry, he keeps on looking and looking, "don't worry!  I'm sorry!  I will find him and show him to your Grandson!"  I finally convince him it is not important.  I brought back a bunch of these lovely baskets.  Since that meeting, we have met several times while bringing in his baskets, and I am continually impressed and charmed with his ambition, his perserverance, his kindness and heart.   Help us to help his family.  Call the store @1-877-966-5945 and give us a colour preference, and we will send off your basket right away!  $45.95Can.

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